Waarom boeken over relaties niet werken
  • Waarom boeken over relaties niet werken

Why books on relationships fail

Marriage should be a celebration! Yet, the opposite is true for most marriages. Couples trust their lives into each other’s hands. They also expect their spouse to make them happy every single day. According to Steven Badal, happiness comes from the inside out. “You need to be happy with who you are. Then and only then, will you experience a marriage that is as solid as a rock.”
Steven has counseled countless couples who were about to throw the towel in the ring. Through his methods a lot of marriages have been restored in the last 22 years. “It’s all about finding the balance within you. Circumstances won’t be able to affect your mood.”
There are a lot of books out there about relationships. When the question is asked, why this one’s different, Steven insists that it will help you get to the root of the problem. “It’s a self-help book. You don’t have to wait until your spouse starts using the principles I teach. You can begin to start the process of change first.” Eventually, your spouse will see the change in you. This will definitely get his or her attention. “It’s contagious!”
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